90% of CEOs confirm Customer Experience (CX) is a top priority

involve improves business growth, profits, staff and employee retention through a focus on Customer centred Experience (CX). As the competition and economic demands get tougher you need to employ new approaches. We have a unique team of multidisciplinary experts that transcends current business methods to produce greater performance and competitive advantage.

3 key areas of focus

Involve Solutions strives for collaborative partnerships with our clients. We build upon the best ideas and solutions, using transdisciplinary methods - innovating in new and surprising ways.

Involve Solutions focuses on solving problems, identifying opportunities, enhancing clients' operational capabilities and performance to exceed business objectives.

Our solutions are specialised, scalable and personalised to meet our clients' specific needs and their customers’ expectations.


6 Reasons WHY you need to get involve

Customer experience has become the single most important way for an organisation to achieve success. It becomes a key differentiation and competitive advantage.

More and more, customers expect the levels of satisfaction they receive from leaders such as Amazon, Apple, and Google.

Some referenced information sources:

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involve uses proven strategies and advanced technologies to improve organisational performance and empower people. We solve some of the greatest challenges facing medium to large business, Government, Not-for- Profit and Universities today.

Involve address these 6 critical success factors:

  1. The Customer Experience (CX)

  2. Employee performance

  3. Growth, Revenue and Profits

  4. Competitive Advantage and Market Differentiation

  5. Responsiveness, Robustness and Agility

  6. Environment and Culture


Across 3 key areas of focus:

  • Strategy

  • People

  • Technology

Business Objectives and Pain Points

involve focuses on your business priorities and pain points to allow you to focus more on your core business activities.

The Team

involve has a unique team of experienced strategists, marketing and technology specialists to resolve real world challenges. We transcend traditional approaches, boundaries and organisational silos to provide different perspectives on problems. We deliver solutions that give CEOs, Managers and Executives a strategic advantage and unique insights for superior decision making in a rapidly changing world.

iVCM Technology

The involve Virtual Customer Management (iVCM) is a proprietary system developed over 20 years with leading global and national corporates. iVCM integrates organisational systems such as CRMs, ERPs and is customised to meet specific client requirements to deliver centralised customer information for marketing, promotions and communication activities to improve the staff and Customer Experience.

The competitive edge is seeing the world through the customer’s eyes.


We first identify opportunities that will rapidly improve your performance in the short term.

Phase 1 Explore Opportunities

We review your:

We will provide an Executive Summary Report of findings and recommendations for you to be able to make empowering decisions. The investment is $5,500 (includes GST).

PDF Download for Phase 1 Overview


Who should use involve: organisations that are interested in creating a greater competitive advantage and key differentiation through a better Customer Experience. Driving growth, profits, higher retention rates for staff and customers.

We have a broad range and depth of experience in various industries, sectors, vertical and horizontal markets both nationally and internationally.

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