involve integrate into most exciting software and CRM systems to create customised automation of your marketing objectives. Here are some examples of specific client tasks we have performed.


TOYOTA Material Handling Australia used involve to integrate their multiple marketing channels into one customer record. This gives them the ability to track one contact across telemarketing, email marketing and direct mail campaigns.

Customers can opt out of one or multiple channels, and Toyota Material Handling can access all contact marketing history quickly. All telemarketing is done through custom call centre software directly connected to Involve. This gives TMH the ability to consolidate all customer data in one place making marketing intelligence centralised and easy.


MASTERCARD Australia used involve to email customers promotions and offers in their priceless Sydney and Singapore campaigns.

Through custom registration forms, existing MasterCard customers can enter competitions and take advantage of promotions, and Involve would capture and report on customer interaction. Then MasterCard customers could be targeting in email campaigns using data gathered and stored in involve. Using involves' API customer marketing data is then securely synced with other MasterCard customer data providers giving MasterCard an up to date record of the customer in near real time.


AustralianSuper is Australia’s largest superannuation fund with over $75 billion under management.

They used involve to grow their capabilities. Restricted by an exciting Bank Grade database we provided custom integration to greatly improve their capabilities with data synchronisation for CRM, EDM/SMS, Microsites, promotions, online forms and inbound emails.


THE MEDIA FEDERATION OF AUSTRALIA (MFA) uses involve eCRM to store the member information from the website for members of the advertising and media industries.

Members can register, login and update their details which are stored in Involves’ system not in the backend of the website. This gives the MFA access to their member data directly from the Involve eCRM enabling the MFA to communicate effectively using Involves' powerful marketing tools. The MFA uses Involve event creation module, sending targeted email and SMS campaigns to members notifying them of new and upcoming events, which are created and managed in Involve.


ENWARE used involve to consolidate different data sources to provide a single customer view.

The marketing department had little to no visibility of its' customers data being siloed in multiple locations across the business. Involve aggregates this data into a single view that the marketing team can utilise to communicate, engage, segment, search, interact and build specific campaign and report on.